HF / UHF FM-Cross-Band-Repeater System



SysOp: Rocco, DL1XM and Gunnar, DG1LZG  

updated: 2014, February 20th


29,660 / 29,560 mc
438,675 / 431,075 mc

+++  News (July 2012):  damaged Tx-Antenna repaired, amplifier checked, power checked as well  - repeater system is running fine +++

Channel: RH1


29,660 MHz  in JO61MC  / Harther Kreuz

 tx - output   80watts
Antenna 1/2 lambda GP modified
bandwith  15 kHz, deviation 2,5 kHz
for UHF-access only Collmberg

Tx-Site:  438,675 MHz  in JO61MH 

(link between HF - UHF)


UHF-radioLink from Rx to Tx (23km)


29,560 MHz  in JO61MH / Collmberg

 rx - sensitivity   -127dBm
Antenna 1/2 lambda GP modified
bandwith   15 kHz, deviation 2,5 kHz
to activate carrier only, sub-audio isn`t necesarry

for UHF-access only Collmberg

 Rx-Site:  431,075 MHz  in JO61MH / 67Hz

(link between HF - UHF)

The crossband 10m/70cm-crossband repeater DMØSAX is in the county Saxony, South-East Germany located

Please see the red point on the picture below.

The distance between Rx and TX is rd abt.15miles. Both locations are rd abt. 900ft asl high.  For the link-connection between both sites a UHF-radio-link system is working. This ist the UHF-Repeater DBØSAX www.db0sax.ccx.de

To use the repeater-system, you will have the option for a local UHF access to the 10m repeater DMØSAX . The UHF repeater DBØSAX is direct connected to the 10m repeater DMØSAX Both repeater are progressing the same radio traffic. 


To open the HF-repeater, only a carrier on 29.560 Mhz for 200ms length is needed (negative flank control) To activate the UHF Site a permanent CTCSS subaudio tone of 67Hz is required.

The transmitting- and receiving-antenna are working in vertical polarisation. The repeater is working in narrow frequency modulation with 10khz bandwith.  A new control unit is installed in June 2010 and is working properly.

10m Receiver with carrier control untit (Teletron TM8800 and control unit covered)

Link-Tx preamplifier and UHF repeater (Motorola MSF10000)


Modacom MSF10000 - main repeater

Manual for adjustments and reconstraction 

Motorola MSF 10000 

as UHF-Repeater 


(c) Rocco, DL1XM


 newTx-antenna for 29.660mc (vertikal polarisation and optimized for 10m)

The first 10m repeater in East-Germany was born on 2005, April 24th 




   Rx-antenna on the top of " Collmberg"

Link-rx-antenna and 10m Tx antenna on TV-Tower in Hartha


cable straps on the top of the new antenna against sitting birds (idea of Gunnar)

old damaged antenna, broken foot (changed July 2012)

after the repair works, Gunnar is ready to check

the analyzer shows, a good job has been done



We are so thankful for your contribution and donation, because the repeater is equity financed by ourselve.

Please be so kind and remark the target of your donation! Thank You!


Feldbergrelais DBØFT www.db0ft.de
DBØSAX www.db0sax.ccx.de
DBØLEI www.db0lei.ccx.de




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